Thursday, March 31, 2016

Q&A Interview with Gilded Moon Cosplay

How long have you been cosplaying?

I have been cosplaying for four years now, started back in 2012.

What first interested you in the hobby?

Well I started off just wanting to try it out. It was a super small convention, SwampCon in Gainesville. The next year I cosplayed Homestuck with some friends and fell in love with how intricate and beautiful some of the costumes were and it made me want to get better!

Which League of Legends characters have you cosplayed?

I have cosplayed as Sona, both in her Arcade and Silent Night skins.

Who is your favorite champion to use when you're playing seriously? What about when just messing around?

I love playing Jinx, she's my go to champ for serious play. When messing around... I don't know! I love playing ultimate bravery with friends and seeing what ridiculous champ build I have to deal with!

What's the most difficult cosplay you've made/worn and what made it difficult?

I think Arcade Sona wins most difficult. I had never made a hoop skirt before, and there I was trying to make one that was so specifically shaped! The Etwahl for that costume was also the first major prop that I had ever made and I tried to make it so it would come apart for easy travel, which didn't turn out super awesome but it held together for all the conventions that I wanted to bring her to.

How does going to a convention to cosplay compare to just going as a fan / "normal" person?

Well, actually, I feel really weird going to conventions not in cosplay unless I'm working the artist alley. Because of how my schedule used to be with school I didn't get many opportunities to go to conventions other than the few big ones, so I like taking advantage of every opportunity I can.

If you could perma-ban one champion for being too OP who would it be and why?

It is probably an unpopular opinion, but either Corki or Dr. Mundo. Corki keeps getting buffed and since he's getting a lot of professional play people are just trying to copy those item sets and play styles in lower ELO and it makes me want to scream. Dr. Mundo is just broken because you can't kill him unless your team has perfect cohesion and focus!

What other video games do you like outside of League?

Oh boy, well I kind of cycle them out. When I was younger it was Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sims, Warcraft, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft. Nowadays I try to branch out with genres. I started playing Slime Rancher, I've played Skyrim, most of the Zelda games, and I love Splatoon!

Any other "nerdy" hobbies?

I play Pathfinder with a group of friends every week, I'm about to start rehearsing for two shows for a convention this summer, and I played Humans versus Zombies for a few years before being on the team that ran it at my university.

Is there such a thing as a "fake nerd"? 

Nah I don't believe that. I think that yeah there might be people who lie about interests in order to get friends or popularity, but whether they want to admit it or not, no one can try to pass completely as a "type" of person without knowing or liking that kind of stuff.

Any plans in the works for future cosplays?

Yes! Immediately I'm starting in Nona (Death Parade) and Tornado (One Punch Man). I hope to do Pool Party Draven over the summer but otherwise the last big one is Shiny Mega Gardevoir for DragonCon!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Hope to see some League friends at conventions this year!!

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