Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Q&A Interview with Dynamic Duchess Cosplay

Image by @fascettiphotography
Where are you from?

I'm originally from Maryland and currently live in Florida.

When did you first start cosplaying?

When I was 14 years old, so about five years now.

Image by @spicy_chikan
How did you first become interested in cosplay?

I saw a cosplay wig on Amazon from an anime I was watching and decided to buy it.

What are some characters you have cosplayed?

Neo-RWBY, Cinder Fall-RWBY, Salem-RWBY, cat, Ambitious Elf Jinx-League of Legends.

Any future plans for characters?

A ton! A few more Jinx (League of Legends) cosplays, as well as other League characters. I also have an original design in the works for Anime Fest Orlando this year.

What is your favorite part of cosplay?

I really love doing my makeup and styling wigs. It's really cool to watch myself transform into a character.

What about the hardest part?

Motivation, for sure. I really struggle to work on costumes, especially when it comes to sitting down and sewing.

How long does it generally take to complete a complex costume by hand?

Several months, usually.

When you do makeup for a cosplay, do you generally do it yourself or do you have someone that helps you? 

I typically do it myself, though if I need to airbrush my face I have my boyfriend do it.

Favorite movie? Video game? TV show? Band?

Movie: Crimson Peak. Video game: League of Legends. TV show: Shiki. I don't really have a favorite band.

Do you have a favorite genre of music, then?

I’m a fan of metal, and I listen to a lot of anime openings.

Tell me something about yourself that nobody knows.

I eat black olives out of the jar.

Where can fans find more of you?


Image by @spicy_chikan

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