Tuesday, December 7, 2021

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Month: Jadestoner (Hopeful)

How long have you been a part of the SuicideGirls community?

I joined SG in 2019.

Where are you from?

I'm From St Louis Missouri.

What first got you interested in video games?

I've always loved video games. I used to watch my dad play games every Saturday and Sunday morning when I was super little.

What are some characters that you have cosplayed?

I cosplay White Widow and Blood Widow from Jamie Tyndall's White Widow comics. I cosplay Mary Jane as well as Harley Quinn and Pikachu.

Any plans for future cosplays?

I just got a cosplay outfit for Jamie Tyndall's new comic character Miss Meow. As well as I'm working on getting stuff for a Lady Captain America and Lady Thor.

Favorite video game? Movie? TV show? Band?

My favorite video games are anything Pokémon and Call Of Duty. My favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch. My favorite tv shows are all the Marvel series and my artist is Machine Gun Kelly.

Tell me about your different tattoos.

Well buckle up because this may be a long one. On my left sleeve I have a fox, which represents being smart and quick thinking, as well as some of my favorite flowers; a rose, sunflower, lilies, and cherry blossoms. My right sleeve I have a female warrior who has a dragon chained down, this represents me conquering my demons. I also have dragons attacking the Hogwarts castle. Working your way up my sleeve I have a female tribal warrior with a head dress that is all capped off my a space theme. The space theme works onto the back of my shoulder were I have a weiner dog getting abducted by a UFO for my puppy. My left shoulder has roses and my daughters newborn footprints. On my left collar bone I have "What if..." This is a matching tattoo with my man because our relationship is built off a giant what if. 

Now for my legs. On my left thigh I have a butterfly and locket that I drew. It means my heart is locked and fragile and only those with the key can get in. I also have bows on the backs of both thighs because my booty is a gift to the world. I have a small moon with a skull on my left ankle because all the demons come to life at night. Now on to my right leg. On my thigh I have Stitch wearing a Spiderman onesie holding Scrump in an Eevee onesie. It's all my favorite characters together. On my inner ankle I have a memorial piece for my sister and nephew who pasted away. And my calf and shin are a Kitsune, a creature from Japanese folklore, and a lynx, a creature from North American folklore.

What are some of your other hobbies?

I love art. I do pencil sketches. I also love to read comics and do photography. 

You are a Harry Potter fan then I presume? What do you think of the 'Fantastic Beasts' films? 

I am a fan just not super hard-core. As far as Fantastic Beasts I liked them a lot. It was cool to see some of the cute creatures hidden elsewhere in the films.

Do you have a favorite Pokémon?

I absolutely love the Eeveelutions so I guess you can say I have nine favorites. Especially since I love each of the evolution for a different reason and I can relate to their differences.

How does cosplaying compare with modeling? Is one more difficult than the other? Is one more fun?

Cosplay and modeling can be very similar at times. You can do photoshoots, you still have to prep and get ready, and you have to learn poses that work for you and your character. But they can be a lot different too. For example, when I'm in my Blood Widow or White Widow cosplays, I need to pose more in a spidey and superhero type of way. 

You also have to remember you're always a role model to people.  Especially in cosplay. When I go out and cosplay as Pikachu or a Pokémon trainer, I get a lot of kids that want to come say hi or ask me questions. So I've had to learn how to be more PG at times. 

Where can fans find more of you?


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