Friday, January 14, 2022

Q&A interview with Scarlett Schwendinger

Where are you from?

I'm from a little state in Austria. I was born there but lived in Germany for a few years. 

When did you start cosplaying?

I started cosplaying three years ago and made my first complete self-made cosplay about two years ago. 

How did you first become interest in cosplay as a hobby? 

I was very interested in cosplaying when I was a pre-teen because I saw a documentary about it and as a really big anime lover it was like a dream hobby. Sadly I wasn't confident enough to begin cosplay and was kinda lost with how to start. Around 2018 my fiancé showed me some different online shops where I can buy wigs and cosplay, that's how his suffering started

What are some characters you have cosplayed?

Recently I cosplayed Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact and visited a convention in Germany. The feedback was amazing and wonderful.

But I also cosplayed Ahri,Rakan, Nero, Tamamo, Yae Miko and way more characters from those games. Honestly I don't remember every character I have cosplayed because it is something over 200. 

What are your plans for your next cosplay?

My next cosplay will be Yoimiya from Genshin Impact with the doggo Taroumaru! So my little Shiba Inu will also get a cosplay to wear. I already finished the wig and the cos, the only thing left is the coat for the dog. 

Do you have any cosplay pet peeves?

Oh one of my biggest pet peeve as a cosplayer is taking pictures of me without asking and making fun of me! I also really don't like the sewing because I never learned it and sometimes I need to cut the seam and start again. 

Funnily enough, seam-patterns are kinda simple to make and relaxing. 

Favorite movie? Video Game? TV show? Band?

That's a hard decision, they are so many movies I really love! Most of the Ghibli films are amazing and I re-watch them every year, but I also like horror movies or movies about ghosts, Halloween etc. 

My favorite game at the moment is Genshin Impact. It is really relaxing and non-time consuming which is perfect as a cosplayer.

Outside of cosplay, what are some of your other hobbies? 
I like being creative! When I have free-time I spend it reading books or watching anime. But I also do stuff like making animal ears for cosplaying 

Where can fans find more of you?





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