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Monday, April 11, 2016

Q&A Interview with Lilith Phaedra

Photo by BlizzardTerrak

How long have you been cosplaying?

I've been cosplaying since May 2014 and I made my debut at San Jose's FanimeCon. It's kind of funny when I tell people because for some reason they think I'm a veteran who has been at this a hell of a long time. But...I'm actually not!

What first attracted you to the hobby of cosplay?

I first heard about cosplaying when my friend Candytamer told me she did it and showed me pictures. I was confused at first. Then I wondered if I'd have fun doing it as well. At this time, I had the means as well as the passion to create my first cosplay and go to my first con. Been hooked ever since!

Who is your favorite champion in League of Legends?

I have been an avid Ezreal fan and player since August 2012. He was also my first cosplay! Ahri is a close second, though.

Which LoL champions have you cosplayed?

I have cosplayed five different Ezreal skins, Default Caitlyn, Kitty Cat Katarina, and Default Ahri. I’m probably forgetting one!

Photo by Blue Baby Productions

Tell me a bit about the process of creating a costume.

Honestly, the process varies depending on the costume. I don't consider myself particularly skilled when it comes to making my own cosplays, but if I can do it myself, I will. Kitty Cat Katarina is a prime example of this because I happened to have fur, belts, and foam lying around and I think it came out pretty well for being done in a day. Usually, though, if I have the funds, I just commission the parts that are too difficult for me and I have no shame in this, nor do I deny getting things commissioned. I'd rather pay more to have it done right the first time than possibly waste money on trial and error.

Ever had any embarrassing moments at cons?

Probably the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me at a con was at this year's SacAnime Winter 2016. For some reason, while cosplaying Caitlyn, I decided to try balancing my weight on my gun's tip. It ended up breaking in half. Twice. In front of a bunch of people! I was pretty mortified. Thankfully I was able to easily get it fixed because I found my prop making friend who had glue. Whew!

How do cosplayers clean their outfits after wearing them? I'd assume many aren't exactly washing machine safe.

I've actually cleaned a few outfits in the washing machine but only if I know it's durable enough or doesn't have any small parts that could fall off or stitches that could come loose. Overall, though, I'd say hand washing is always probably the best.

Proudest League of Legends moment/accomplishment?

Photo by Volfogg Cosplay Photos
Don't laugh, but I went 56/0 in a bot game once. Still counts, right? Hahaha. That or when I played an ARAM with a Rioter. I don't remember who it was but they were on my team and I got First Blood. Made me happy.

Favorite TV show?

I have not watched TV in probably a decade now. Couldn't tell you.

No TV huh? What are some things you do for fun? Aside from game and cosplay of course!

In today's day and age, I can find pretty much anything I want to watch (be it movies or videos) with the click of a button. Yay internet! Otherwise it's just generic stuff that everyone puts here. See my friends. See my partner. Read. Sleep. Eat lots of shrimp pasta. Go to cons. Work on cosplay, then play dress up with said cosplay. You know the rest.

Are you currently playing any games other than LoL?

Smash Bros., always. Now that I finally own a 3DS as well, though, I'm patiently awaiting Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Who do you plan on cosplaying next? Any upcoming convention plans?

I recently completed my first real "non-League" cosplay, which is a human version of Rouge the Bat from Sonic. I'm also working on a Pokemon cosplay as well. Obviously, there are no images yet of either of those two...because they've never been worn! My next cons require me to travel up and down my state and I will be attending FanimeCon, possibly Sacramento Wizard World, Anime Expo, and SacAnime Summer.

Photo by Jacksonrose Photography

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