Tuesday, October 20, 2020

SuicideGirl (Hopeful) Gamer of the Month: Raven Raith

Why did you choose the name "Raven Raith"?

I chose the name, "Raven Raith" because Ravens and Crows are my favorite birds, and at the time not only were Ravens my favorite bird but it also suited my gothic look. Raith was a random choice based on the fact that I was trying to have a last name with the same letter at the beginning and I felt like they went together well. 

Where are you from?

I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Tell me about your tattoos. How many do you have and where/what are they?

I have six tattoos. One under each armpit, my neck, my knuckles and dingers, my toes, and my right sleeve. The armpit tattoos are roses. My neck tattoo shows a sabre tooth tiger skull on the back surrounded by a green background, and on the front (thus far) it consists of a death's head moth tattoo with roses. There will be additions to add to my neck later on but they will include more roses, a bee and honeycomb, a tarantula, mushrooms, moss, and nature. My sleeve is a nature sleeve with insects like deaths head moth, a darkling beetle, and also a snake, skull and roses. My knuckles read, "Hopeless Romantic", and on my fingers I have other things that mean something to me, (try to figure them out), my toes read, "Live Love." 

Which tattoo would you say hurt the most?

None of my tattoos hurt really. I am a bit of a freak of nature. I don't feel pain as much as most people do.

What first got you interested in video games?

My parents got me into retro games as well as PC gaming, and my love for gaming developed from there. What really had me hooked was the Silent Hill Series. 

What are some of you favorite video games of all time?

Silent Hill, Alien Isolation, Fallout Series, The Last Of Us, Call Of Duty, Skyrim, Bioshock, Rainbow Six Siege, GTA V, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Playing anything right now?

I have been working 80+ hours a week (I run my own business), so I haven't had time to game since January, but I do have over 150 games, and am going to get back into gaming and streaming once the summer comes to an end (work will slow down then). 

Is there an upcoming game you are looking forward to playing?

I am most definitely looking forward to the game called "Death Stranding" and also "The Last Of Us 2."

What are your thoughts on cosplay? 

I love Cosplay. I am actually currently designing my first cosplay and (hoped) to wear it at Fan Expo 2020. Poison Ivy.

A lot of gamers have said they think the Call of Duty franchise has gotten stale. Which game is your favorite in the series, and do you agree with them?

I feel like the Call Of Duty Series was going in the wrong direction with the futuristic stuff but I do like the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, as well as the WWII. My favorite however is still Black Ops 2. 

Image by @costa_chic
Remakes of successful older games seem to be all the rage these days. Do you think they should do a Silent Hill remake or leave it alone?

I think they should leave Silent Hill alone, but just make additions.

What are some of your other hobbies outside of video games?

Other hobbies of mine outside of video games include; I absolutely love nature and the outdoors so things like hiking, travelling, camping, etc - are my favorite types of hobbies. I also enjoy photography, watching film/TV, listening to music, caring for people's animals as well as spending time with my own. 


Tell me something about yourself that nobody knows or would find surprising.

I have Narcolepsy.

Where can fans find more of you?