Sunday, January 22, 2023

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Month: Lucy

Why did you choose the name "Lucy"?

I had an old crush quote Desi Arnaz and say, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do” every time I pulled some bullshit (which was often; I was 20 and my frontal lobe was not yet developed so I was a menace), so when my first choice was taken I went with Lucy. 

Fun fact: my first choice was actually Kestrel after the main character in a web comic called Queen of Wands. 

How long have you been a part of the SuicideGirls community? 

I’ve been an SG since 2004. Wow, that’s almost 20 years. I hope I get a 20 year medal in 2024 or something and I hope it’s cougar print. 

Where are you from?

I’m from Earth 616! Eastern Canada, to be more precise. 

What first got you interested in video games?

My stepdad bought “me” a turbografx16 for my eighth birthday so -he- could play Bonk and Keith Courage. After that, we graduated to the PlayStation and my stepdad and my brothers and I used to have Twisted Metal tournaments, or pound the crap out of each other in Mortal Kombat. I like beeping noises and animated violence. 

Who was your go-to character in Twisted Metal?

Sweet Tooth! It warms my little goblin heart to run around in an ice cream truck causing havoc. 

What are some characters that you have cosplayed?

Oh my gosh, so many. I’ve been Ciri (specifically the costume from The Witcher 3), Red Sonja, Vampirella, The Goblin Queen, Rogue, Jessica Rabbit, every iteration of Jean Grey ever, Emma Frost, Kitana, D.Va Bunny, Poison Ivy, Ame-Comi Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Elvira, Jennifer Check, Zatanna, Holly Golightly, Jessica Hamby, a bunch of characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Desire from the Sandman comics, Black Cat, Ms Marvel, Mary Jane Watson, Shego, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, DaenerysTargaryen…the list goes on. 

Any plans for future cosplays?

Yes! I have a few on my list. I really want to do Powergirl, Flemeth from DA, Morrigan from DA, Bombshell Hawkgirl, Hela, and Big Barda. I also want to do a Sexy Galactus because that helmet is stupid as hell and I love it. 

What is one of your favorite things about cosplay? What about one of your cosplay-related pet peeves?

I love comics and comics art, but I’m a terrible artist. Cosplaying is my art, it’s my way of showing my appreciation for a character. I love embodying a character. My only pet peeve with cosplay is the people who don’t understand cosplay doesn’t equal consent. Ask before you take a pic, ask before you give hugs, and for heavens sake don’t touch cosplayers without consent. I’ve been grabbed, picked up, had people try to take stealth shots of my butt. It’s dehumanizing. 

Ah so a big comic book fan?

I am! I have 16 long boxes under my staircase. 

Favorite video game? Movie? TV show? Band? 

Fave video game of all time: Blasto!

Fave modern video game series: Dragon Age

Fave movie: Chasing Amy

Fave tv series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fave band: all my favorite bands have been cancelled but I’m a huge fan of Taking Back Sunday or MCR

Tell me about your different tattoos.

I would if I had any! I have severe commitment issues with my appearance. I don’t even keep the same hair color for more than a few months. I love tattoos but putting something on my body I can’t scrub off is a literal nightmare for my Gemini chameleon ass. That said, I’ve had several piercings over the years. 

What are some of your other hobbies?

I crochet badly, I bake fairly well, I write here and there. I do pole and arial lollipop hoop (think a giant circle on top of a pole you haul yourself into), I collect dead things and I can swing a broadsword.

Where can fans find more of you?




Saturday, January 7, 2023

Cosplay Gallery Spotlight: Mossyfox Cosplay

The Cosplay Gallery Spotlight is not an interview, but merely a collection of images featuring a choice cosplayer to help introduce fans to them and their work. These images from the cosplayer's shared social media posts.

Today we are looking at Mossyfox Cosplay.

Enjoy this gallery of 16 amazing images.

If you wish to find more of her work, check her on: