Sunday, October 16, 2016

Q&A Interview with Onyxeia

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It is thrilling to meet with Onyxeia, who is a cosplay lover and who is good at delivering awesome cosplay work. Let's start from her Nidalee cosplay:

Where are you from?

Summoner’s Rift! Haha, no I'm from Sussex in the UK.

How did you first get into cosplaying?

I have always been into games, from a young age, watching my older brother play the Sega Mega Drive, and then playing it myself when I was a little older. So when I got the opportunity to visit Comic-Con I was super excited. There I saw a few people dressed up as characters from TV shows and movies that I watch and was just in awe of them. Since then I've been interested in cosplay. What's better than dressing up as your favorite character?

Speaking of TV shows, tell me a few of your favorites.

I practically live off of Family Guy, haha. I also love older stuff like Red Dwarf, Bottom, and The Young Ones.

So who is your favorite League of Legends champion?

It actually changes all the time, haha. But I really love Kayle and Janna.

Which champions have you cosplayed thus far?

I have only cosplayed Classic Nidalee so far.

Any plans for future LoL cosplays?

Oh yes, I have a very long list. I'd love to do Katarina and Janna.

I think you'd be an awesome Janna! What skin were you thinking?

Thank you! I'd like to do her Tempest skin.

Favorite video games other than LoL?

Some of my favorite games are Street Fighter, Dragon’s Lair Time Warp, Guitar Hero, and The Lost Vikings, but my ultimate favorite is World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft huh? I didn't know people even still played that. How long have you been playing? What keeps the game fresh for you after so long?

Yeah it’s still really big! I haven't been able to play in a long time, you know with work and adulting, haha. But my other half plays quite seriously and I get my fill from reading the lore and character histories.

What's the cosplay/convention scene like in the UK?

Well our main con is MCM and it's super busy. In terms of cosplay I don't think it's as big over here as it seems to be elsewhere in the world. I think it's still fairly new in the UK.

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while cosplaying?

It would have to be at the photoshoot for my Nidalee. I was climbing around on a fallen tree trunk and jumped down, though unlike a cat, I face planted the ground. Don't think I've seen my friend laugh like that before…

What are some of your hobbies outside of cosplay and gaming?

Other than cosplay and gaming, I'd say my job is also one of my hobbies. I'm a tattoo apprentice and I work with some of my best friends. I love doing my alternative and fantasy modeling as well as looking after my pets and listening to metal.

Tell me about the tattoos that you have.

I currently have about eight tattoos, though it's quickly growing, haha. I have two dragons, a half sleeve of skulls and roses, a shark, a bunny, some Viking symbols and Iron Maiden’s mascot, Eddie.

What is the first one that you got?

My first was a Viking dragon on my back.

Do you ever conceal them while cosplaying?

I only conceal them for some cosplay shoots if I think it doesn't suit the character but I love showing my tattoos in cosplay.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Just that I'm super hyped about all the new things happening for me! I'll be guesting at a few smaller cons in the UK and I'm starting to sell prints! Exciting!

Where can fans find more of you?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Q&A Interview with Eowinth Cosplay

Where are you from?

Silver Springs, MD.

How did you first get into cosplaying?

I got into cosplaying about three or four years ago when I first went to Katsucon. I'd always been a big fan of dressing up for Halloween when I was younger and hadn't even known cosplay was a thing until I got to college. I was really excited to make costumes and be my favorite characters for a day surrounded by people who shared the same interests.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

Still deciding. I'll probably wear Nana to work and Daryun for the kids who come for truck out treating.

Who is your favorite League of Legends champion?

My favorite champion is Ezreal, hands down.

Which champions have you cosplayed thus far?

So far I have cosplayed Nightblade Irelia, Foxfire Ahri, Ashe, and Officer Vi.

Any plans for future LoL cosplays?

My next up and coming league project is Pulsefire Ezreal.

Favorite video games other than LoL?

I'm a huge fan of Persona 3 and Devil May Cry. I also like flashy games, haha

As a Devil May Cry fan which Dante do you like more, the old one or the "emo" one?

Original Dante is way better. I was so disappointed with emo Dante I choose to pretend he doesn't exist.

What is your least favorite part of cosplaying?

Hands down the shoes. For some of my cosplay I wear ridiculous heels so I can more accurately portray the character. For example I wore six inch heels for Aigis to get her robot feet...

Who is one LoL character you think is cosplayed too much?

I'd have to Say Ahri takes the cake. I honestly think at some point almost every female League cosplayer -including myself- and sometimes male cosplayers have cosplayed her. Nothing wrong with it, but it almost seems like a right of passage to cosplay her, haha.

What are some of your hobbies outside of gaming and cosplaying?

I like to watch anime and go hiking with friends. I’m also a fan of D&D campaigns.

Anything else you'd like to add? 

I'm an anime and video game cosplayer and always looking for more people to cosplay with for cons and photo shoots!

Where can fans find more of you?

Facebook: https://www.

Instagram: EowinthCosplay

Cureworldcosplay: Eowinth Cosplay