Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Q&A Interview with Feoranna

Cosplaying has transformed from being a niche hobby to a much more mainstream pastime of thousands of nerds in just a few short years. As you would expect with a game like League of Legends, which at the beginning of the year Riot Games reported sees an astonishing 27 million players daily and over 67 million players monthly (and has likely grown even higher since), League of Legends cosplays are very popular. Looking at some of the best LoL cosplayers is how I ultimately found Feoranna. I recently sat down with Feoranna to talk about League of Legends, her tattoos, and of course her cosplaying.

Photo by Cloud City Photography

How did you first become interested in cosplaying?

Ever since I was a little kid I did arts, crafts, and everything in between. I love it! Well, my grandmother was a gifted artist and seamstress so from a young age I have done lots and lots of sewing. I took a break from that particular area of the arts for awhile and worked on other stuff like drawing. Once I finished college, I was turned onto cosplaying! I absolutely love Halloween and dressing up is so much fun. I already did a lot of it for an alt modeling group I worked with so getting into cosplay seemed fitting! I got a busted old machine that was like fifty years old and had my friend RikkuGrape help me remember how to use it. From there, it just escalated.

Which characters from League of Legends have you cosplayed?

I have a lot! My first LoL cosplay was for Halloween a few years ago. I made a Nurse Akali. After that, I did Ahri in her classic skin. I also have done three Jinx cosplays, three of Katarina, and Dark Valkyrie Diana.

Do you have any current plans for future LoL-based cosplays?

Right now, I am working on a Slay Belle Katarina cosplay which I am really excited about. I would love to make Ahri from the A New Dawn video that Riot released; her outfit in it is just so beautiful. I also have plans to make Mafia Miss Fortune as well as Lunar Goddess Diana. As of now, those are the ones I am 100% sure I will be making soon.

Photo by Cloud City Photography

Who would you say is your favorite champion from the game?

Orianna! I love her so much! She’s definitely my favorite champion. When I first started playing League, I realized that I liked mid and being a mage typically. Once I discovered Orianna, I decided that I would play her until I mastered her.

What about most hated champ to play against?

I really hate playing against a Lee Sin or Xin Zhao. Total mage killers right there. I used to hate playing against Fizz since he counters Ori so much but I have been counter picked so many times now that I have gotten quite used to him and can zone him pretty hard.

Photo by Cloud City Photography

Do you play ranked at all?

Eh not really. I do sometimes, but it’s not something I care that much about. I have had the unfortunate luck to get stuck on teams where people of go afk and after so many games of that happening I just don’t really do solo queue anymore. I do however enjoy playing ranked with a full five’s or three’s team of people that I know.

So I’m assuming you make all your costumes yourself. Which took the longest?

I most certainly do! I have made all of my costumes besides my Black Widow which was sent to me by Costume Super Center to review and use while at New York Comic Con this year. The costume which I made that took the longest was probably Dark Valkyrie Diana. I spent a lot of time and detail on that costume and it was one of the earlier costumes I made with armor so I was extra careful.

Photo by Kim Nguyen
Would you say that cosplaying is an expensive thing for someone to get into?

Oh yes I would! But it is definitely possible to cosplay on a budget as well and I do this as often as I can. Worbla can get pretty expensive, which is the main thing a lot of people like to use for making armor. There are ways around that such as craft foam or EVA foam. It does the same thing, looks just as good, and is easy to work with. The downfall is that it’s not as durable as Worbla is. It is definitely possible though to cosplay on a budget without spending too much.
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So tell me a little bit about your tattoos.

I have a lot! Like thirty something. I love them and I always have. I started getting tattoos when I was 18 years old since I had a job in a tattoo shop and they are pretty addicting. Most of my tattoos are related to comic books, video games, or literature. I just love all of those things and they mean a lot to me so I am happy that I have them on my body to remember forever.

Which was the absolute first one that you ever got?

Well, when I was in eighth grade I was kinda bad and gave myself a stick n’ poke tattoo also known as the prison tattoo. (No I wasn’t in prison, but it looks bad enough to be believable! Hahaha!) And that would be a heart on my finger. My first professionally done tattoo when I was of legal age though was the quote I have on my chest which reads, “What value would there be in life if we are not together?” It’s a quote from the movie Becoming Jane which is based on a book about the author Jane Austen, one of my favorites.

What are some of your other hobbies?

I love all other types of art such as drawing, painting, and calligraphy. I like to play other video games too such as World of Warcraft, and some PlayStation games. I really like reading both books and comics. Knitting is also something that I like doing in my spare time. One of my favorite things to do though is watch movies and go to the movies! It’s so much fun for me.

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