Thursday, May 23, 2013

Q&A Interview with Lindsay Elyse

Lindsay Elyse is a popular cosplayer and member of the XX Girls. She has portrayed many iconic characters such as Master Chief from Halo, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Poison Ivy from Batman, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid just to name a few. Lindsay is not only a true beauty but she is also very down to earth. I recently sat down with her to talk about video games and cosplaying.

How did you first become interested in cosplaying?

My mom found an ad for a convention at a comic book store in like 2004 and I begged her to go. It said something about a costume contest, so I was like sure why not! She made my first few costumes and walked around the whole convention with me. I was so worried no one else would be dressed up and I packed normal clothes in the car just in case so I wouldn't look ridiculous. Hah!

Who are the "XX Girls"?

My five best friends! We started out as sort of a media/cosplay group, but everyone kind of went off to do their own thing. Now it's really just sort of a title we give to ourselves! We use the Facebook page to showcase all of our work.

And you are also a writer?

I am! I have an associates degree in Journalism. I've been published in a few magazines for game reviews and also appeared on the front page of my school paper a few times. I haven't done too much lately, but had an opportunity arise in the last few days, so keep watch!

Tell me about your Master Chief outfit. It looks amazing! What's it made of?

I'm not sure, actually. Plastic probably. I didn't make it, I beat up the guy who owns it and stole it... just kidding! But I did beg for the chance to run around it in because I'm a HUGE Halo fan. It was so funny, it's a little big since it normally fits a 6'7" guy, and I'm like 5'9", so I was waddling around like a penguin to get from place to place. Stairs were SO HARD.

You also recently did a Lara Croft cosplay. What did you think of the new Tomb Raider game?

I did! I fell in love with the game and just thought well, my hair looks like hers, and I can look scared all the time and fall off stuff too, so I should probably just make her costume. It was a blast. I rolled around in the dirt and climbed a mountain for my shoot! I loved the way the game played, puzzles and shooting both, and was just awestruck by the graphics. Her hair! So insane. Definitely recommend it!

Let's say that I am a guy who has a crush on you. Just uh, hypothetically speaking! What is the best way for someone to approach you at a con to get a picture?

Neon signs, backflips, breakdances... I really like jelly beans, you could present me with some... Approach me with Hugh Jackman... screech like a parrot... any of those would be fine. Or you could just say "HEY, PICTURE?" That usually works.

Approximately how many hover hands do you get per year? Ballpark figure.

Well, that definitely depends on how many conventions I attend! Haha they always make me laugh, it's almost more awkward for me to be aware that your arm is around me but you aren't touching me! A lot of people have started to ask permission to put their arms around me, which I think is wonderful. That's definitely the way to go. I totally don't mind, it's just cool that you respect me enough to make sure it's okay. I also like people who ask for horrendously awkward hover hand pictures, I'll play along hardcore.

Have you had any really embarrassing/awkward moments at a convention?

Nothing too terrible! I did wear a costume one year though that I didn't really test before I went to the convention. It had a bunch of cloth strips that held the chest part up and connected to a choker. Well, the choker broke and the pieces holding up my shirt fell down. I felt it happen and collected everything before it was disastrous, but it was still pretty embarrassing for me to be clutching my chest and asking people for safety pins. You'd be surprised how hard it was to find one. Awkward moments happen a lot, but that's how I am with people. I don't really know what to say after a five minute conversation and just kind of... uhhh... soooo.... weather... yeah.

What conventions are you planning on attending this year?

That's always up in the air! If I had my way though, Phoenix ComicCon, E3, SDCC, Anime Expo, NYCC, PAX, and possibly Edmonton Expo in Canada since I have some friends out there that won't stop harassing me.


To see more of Lindsay's awesome cosplays, be sure to like her Facebook fan page: and/or follow her on Twitter @ohhlindsayelyse.