Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Cosplay Gallery Spotlight: Mikomi Hokina

The Cosplay Gallery Spotlight is not an interview, but merely a collection of images featuring a choice cosplayer to help introduce fans to them and their work. These images from the cosplayer's shared social media posts.

Today we are looking at Mikomi Hokina.

Enjoy this gallery of 12 amazing images.

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Month: Kashaa (Hopeful)

Why did you choose the name 'Kashaa'?

To be honest it's a play off my name, hahaha. I'm far from creative.

How long have you been a part of the SuicideGirls community?

Since 2019, wow, time flies.

Where are you from?

Missouri, or rather Misery haha. 

What first got you interested in video games?

I have grown up with them. I started as a kid on the Atari2600. Joust and Pole Position were my games, and it only escalated as technology improved. 

What are you playing currently?

PC: World of Warcraft. 

Switch: Pokemon Shining Pearl. 

Xbox One: Halo Infinite. 

PS5: Horizon Zero Dawn.

Favorite video game? Movie? TV show? Band?

Favorite video game will always be Halo, Even after 343 took over, I will always be faithful to the franchise. Favorite movie is a tough one. I would say ANYTHING Marvel. Favorite TV Show... well, I just binged The Witcher, but I watch Big Bang Theory every night and have watched every season MULTIPLE times (fav show to watch while I'm medicating **puff**).

Do you cosplay?

I have a couple cosplays I've put together over the years. My most recent is Yennefer from, yep, The Witcher

Tell me a little bit about your tattoos.

My left arm is most of my favorite video games, Halo, Final Fantasy, Catherine (if you HAVENT heard of it, check it out) and Mass Effect. I also have a piece on my upper arm that is a scene from Star Wars.

The Millennium Falcon alongside X-Wings and Y-Wings fighting Tie Fighters in front of the Death Star. My right arm, I just have logos for Honda (HUGE obsession of mine) PlayStation and Xbox. I also have a memorial tattoo for my little brother who passed a couple years ago. A month before he passed, me, him, and my other brother got sibling tattoos. My tattoo artist, Michael Rose, found a way to incorporate my late brothers sibling tattoo into ours.

Ah a Star Wars fan. What did you think of the sequel trilogy?

I wasn't upset to be honest. They did tie up a lot of loose ends, at least for me

What Halo did you like best? 

Halo 3 was my favorite. It was my gateway and it was one of the last in the franchise that required actual SKILL to play. Now you have all these extra power ups etc.

Outside of nerdy stuff, what are some of your other hobbies? 

I work on and build Hondas.

Where can fans find more of you?